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Michelle Williams is very, very tired

michelle williams

Michelle Williams has been raising her daughter Matilda alone since the death of Heath Ledger back in 2008, and as all single parents can attest to out there, it ain’t easy. Of course, it’s probably a lot easier for people who have millions of dollars and can afford hired help, but Michelle has always come off as someone (and insisted she is someone) who wants to raise her daughter HERSELF rather than handing her over to nannies nonstop. That’s hard work, especially when you’re trying to fit movies into the equation, and basically it’s left Michelle feeling really, really sleepy.


“I feel like I’m so good at raising a kid when I’m not working. I don’t forget anything. I’ve got everything covered. It’s a real luxury to have a moment when I’m not scrambling. I feel like most of my life, I’m trying to do two things at once, both to the best of my abilities. So that leaves me feeling pretty exhausted.”

“I’m the person who falls asleep all the time. You invite me over for dinner or to a party, and there’s a whole scrapbook of pictures of me napping. I’ve even been given a nickname because of my snoring.”

Damn, girl – at least you even make it to the party. If someone starts something at, like, 9pm, I’m always like, “Seriously? I’m trying to be home in bed at 9pm!” Can’t be going to bed all hours of the night – those times in my life are long gone.

In any case, Matilda is 10 now, and from the photos I’ve seen on Google, she looks EXACTLY like her dad. Good for Michelle for putting her daughter before her career – especially since she’s so good at what she does. According to IMDB, she does have two movies in pre-production at the moment, though, so hopefully we’ll see some more work from her soon!

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