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Cindy Crawford’s “unretouched” photo was a fake, apparently

cindy crawford

The internet went nuts last week when what we were told was an unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford being hot and looking totally normal and not like a Photoshopped mess. It was refreshing, eye-opening (for some) and downright awesome. But now it seems like even THAT was a sham, and Cindy’s people – as well as her husband Rande Gerber, are calling bullshit and saying that “real” photo was actually… a fake.

TMZ obtained a letter from Cindy’s lawyer which claimed that the photo in question was stolen and “maliciously altered”, which… obviously is not great.

In addition, a statement from celebrity photographer John Russo read: “It has been falsely claimed that this photograph represents an un-retouched image of Cindy Crawford. This is not true. It is a fraudulent altered version of my photograph. I am grateful that this fact has been brought to the public’s attention and that corrections are being run in the media.”

And finally, Rande Gerber was not trying to be married to someone who could look so HEINOUS as Cindy did in the original photo, so he felt the need to publish this photo on Instagram from Valentine’s Day:

cindy crawford

Well, thank God THAT’s been cleared up. It’s not like anyone’s ever Photoshopped their Instagram pics or anything! I mean, look – I’m not saying Rande’s photos weren’t real or that the other photos weren’t doctored, but like… really? If Cindy was confident and happy in herself, she wouldn’t care which stomach was hers- and considering the original photo was NOT bad to begin with, it looks even worse – and only serves to make women who are perfectly healthy and “normal” feel bad about themselves. Not here for it, sorry Cindy.

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  • We all know how different two photos can make the same person look. Both those pics (the viral pic and the sunbathing pic) can be accurate unfiltered pics of the same person. I am not convinced by the sunbathing photo in response. She is laying down and in very good light and as a former supermodel who did hundreds of shoots probably knows a good photoshopper.