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Did Kylie Jenner get butt implants?

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner has grown up WAY ahead of her time – but that’s a surprise to exactly no one, considering the family she comes from. She hasn’t really enjoyed a “childhood”, to speak of, and in the period of about 18 months, she’s gone from looking like a pretty normal teenager to… Kim‘s doppelganger? In fact, it seems like her attempt to be like her older sister (HALF sister, many keep pointing out on Instagram) has gone to the next level and she may have even gotten ass implants, just like KimmyCakes – or at least that’s the rumour flying around since she posted the above photo to her account this week.

First of all, why is a 17-year-old feeling the need to look like this? There’s nothing sexual about it (because even though she’s REALLY trying hard to be a grown woman, she is still a child) and in fact, it just seems really desperate and sad. What is with the complete lack of self-worth in this family that makes the women desperate to use their bodies to get approval from the outside world? Kim’s one thing – she’s an adult and perfectly (and legally) capable of making her own (awful) decisions. But it’s really sad to see Kylie going down this path at such a young age and NO ONE is doing anything to get her any kind of help/calm her young ass down.

Then there’s this picture of Kylie with Kris:

kylie jenner kris jenner

First of all, we can skip over the fact that Kris looks like a walking Gaussian blur filter. Second of all, why is Kylie literally sucking herself into to high heaven and simultaneously trying to push her butt out? Is Kim THAT much of a role model? This whole thing is such a mess and she needs to be stopped before it’s too late (though maybe it already is).

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  • I’d say most people are getting injections nowadays not the implants. Implants shift with time and with injections you can still get X-ray like Kim and there is no evidence

  • She’s been raised all her life to be desirable to men so Kris can whore her out like the rest of her daughters ( except Kendull for now) make their livings.

  • i also think she got a dose of photoshop along with the injections. look at the amount of space between the small of her back and her stomach with direct proportion to the size of her ass…first of all, she has MAJOR organs in there and it hardly looks as if there is enough room for her stomach let alone intestines and a liver. i think it’s a combination of the two.

  • “Walking Gaussian blur filter” made me snort up my water so thanks for that. Serious question: has this kid ever been to school?

  • They’re corsetting. Photoshop too, but Kim definitely doescorset training, and it’s obvious that Kylie is too.

  • She’s just a teenager as you mentionned… that is to say selfish and obsessed with her image. She is probably insecure and need to read compliments. I would have probably done the same if I were her. Sure her mother should prevent her from posting these pictures, since she is in the spotlight… But I’m not blaming Kylie. Most of the teenagers act the same.