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Kylie Jenner posted a “no makeup selfie”

kylie jenner

The “no makeup selfie” is in quotes for a reason – I love when celebs try to pretend they’re completely bare-faced when they’re obviously wearing foundation (among other things) and have put all kinds of blurs and filters on the pic. It kinda doesn’t count, y’know? Kylie Jenner is the latest to take part in this trend, and it’s laughable how much of a no makeup selfie this ISN’T, but okay… let’s go with it.

Let’s dissect this:

1. The lips – this is the most obvious. We all know homegirl overdraws her lips, but there’s some big debate on whether or not she actually had collagen injections. She has clearly either overdrawn her lips here with a nude pencil or she has indeed plumped ’em up with God knows what. But sorry, this is not “natural”.

2. Her skin – I know she’s only 17 so obviously she’s going to have smooth skin without wrinkles or anything, but hello, no teenager’s shit is this even – you would have imperfections, blemishes, whatever. Some kinda foundation or BB cream has been used here. And a bit of a Gaussian blur.

3. The eyelashes – does Kylie Jenner have permanent mascara? Otherwise, she’s put it on.

I’m not trying to shame her for using beauty products to enhance her appearance – hello, we all do. The point is, don’t try to post this bullshit with the caption she did and not be called out:

“You know it’s gonna be a good Sunday when ya weaves out & u haven’t put ur face on yet”

Ya, okay.

Just for reference, this is what Kylie Jenner looks like with her face ON:

kylie jenner

That boob job is such a mess.

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  • I like her lip job. She lies about it but I don’t see how anyone believes those lies. Her lips are plump and stick out in a profile shot. Overdrawing your lips doesn’t do that. She says she is only wearing a push up bra but I highly doubt that too. She probably wants attention and for the media to feature stories about whether or not she’s lying. It’s cheap and requires no talent. Most of the celebs pull these kinds of stunts for the sake of media coverage these days.

  • Well if that is a no makeup selfie then she’s admitting to getting lip injections? Also, the eyebrows are drawn on. Anyway I came here to speak about myself — I am part of that 1% of people who actually have skin naturally like that, all throughout my teenage years I got like two spots a year, so it’s feasible to have great skin.