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Unretouched Beyonce photos leak and the internet has a meltdown


Beyonce is known to many as the most beautiful woman in the world. And hey, there’s no denying that she is a good looking lady. However, she’s not quite as perfect as all the photos would have you believe – even those on her own Instagram. For today, a ton of unretouched photos from a 2013 photoshoot leaked, and the entire internet had a meltdown of epic proportions because… well, they’re kinda brutal.

The Beyhive lost their damn minds and started sending all kinds of threats and shit to the site that originally posted them, so they eventually took them down – but not before the rest of us grabbed a few. There were something like 100 or so of them! Obviouly the big deal is that – gasp! – Bey has pimples! And smile lines! And kind of a weirdly regular, albeit pretty, face!

beyonce unretouched

beyonce unretouched

beyonce unretouched

So there you have it – it’s ~the real~ Beyonce, with pimples and wrinkles and somewhat unflattering makeup. Do we all feel better about ourselves now?

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  • Yes Jennifer -as a matter of fact it does make me feel better about myself. This s@$! Made my f$&@!n day. First Cindy now bey… Can’t wait to see more “leaks”. Where’s Kim’s photographers lol

  • Awful make up aside, which was obviously done with the intention of later photoshopping, I think she looks good. She looks human, which is refreshing.

  • I’m sorry maybe I’m the only one but I never found her to be attractive at all. She seems really manly looking to me.