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Lance Armstrong would totally dope again

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong had built himself a long and illustrious career over the years… a career which became completely demolished when it was revealed that he’d actually been illegally doping for most of it to get ahead. Whoopsies! Now that he’s got the benefit of hindsight, he surely would do things differently if he could go back in time, right?

Uh, except not. In an interview with BBC Sport, Lance revealed that, you know what? He’d actually do the same thing all over again if he suddenly found himself with a time-traveling DeLorean (I just saw Back to the Future for the first time literally like, a month ago, so bare with me on the dated reference).

“If I was racing in 2015, I wouldn’t do it again. Take me back to 1995 when it was completely and totally pervasive, I’d probably do it again. People don’t like to hear that. That’s the honest answer.”

“It’s an answer that needs some explanation. I look at everything when I made that decision, when my teammates made that decision. It was a bad decision in an imperfect time, but it happened.”

So… because it’s more publicly frowned upon now, he probably wouldn’t do it. But it was okay to do it in the ’90s because it was easily available? Okey doke. Lance also said that if he could change one thing, it would be how much of an asshole he was to everyone around him for 15 years and also, a major liar.

“For 15 years I was a complete asshole to a dozen people … that’s the man that really needed to change and never come back. If I go back to 1995, I think we’re all sorry. You know what we are sorry for? We’re sorry we were put in that place. None of us wanted to be in that place. We all would have loved to compete man on man .. naturally, clean. Yeah, we’re sorry. We all looked around as desperate kids.”

Don’t you just love when people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and blame it on the rest of the world? So what, because crack is available, we should all just go and become crack addicts and then blame crack for being a thing? Give me a break. Good to see Lance Armstrong is as much of an asshole now as he was for those 15 years.

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  • Most of the Olympic sports are filled with dopers. Most and Lance don’t get caught because they know how to cover up and cycle it. So to be successful he’d have to do it because everyone in his sport did. But as far as changing from being an a-hole, he hasn’t.

  • Exactly what brooklyn said, If he didn’t do it back then, he couldn’t have competed. Everyone else he was racing against was using enhancements, so, In order to stay competitive, he did too. And you know what, he made a name for himself. If I were him I wouldn’t have changed the things that lead me to being successful either.