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Mariah Carey is set to make BANK from a Las Vegas Caesars Palace residency

mariah carey

Mariah Carey is finally realising she’s at the end of her professional tether, it seems. After one too many failed attempts at singing well on live TV and in massive stadium concerts, she’s stepped down a few levels and has decided to make a major deal with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for an ongoing residency which will put Britney Spears‘ slot at Planet Hollywood to shame.

From TMZ:

Caesars Palace got their wish … we’re told that Mariah snuck into Vegas last week to seal the deal. Need proof? We’ve got video of Carey and her entourage leaving the Palace Cheesecake Factory, escorted by security.

The superstar plans to light up the Colosseum in place of Celine Dion — who’s taking a break — the glittery one will take the reigns until she returns late this year or early 2016.

We’re told the deal is super secret but ENORMOUS. To put it in perspective Britney is raking in $475K a show … it’s unfathomable Mariah accepted less. Caesars is ready to announce concert dates any day now.

Get that money, girl! Frankly, a Vegas deal is perfect for diva singers who have little kids like Mariah does (and like Celine did at the time) – it means more stability for the little ones and some semblance of a more normal life, plus Mama can still make that paper.

Mariah will always be a classic, even if she’s not in her heyday anymore. I love her, and I totally support this move. Is it where popstars go to die? Eh, probably. But at least she’ll die rich as shit.

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