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Mariah Carey “accidentally” caught on tape hitting that high note

mariah carey

Live performances haven’t necessarily been going too well for Mariah Carey lately – she’s been bombing in concert, on live TV, you name it. But just because Mariah’s voice isn’t quite what it used to be doesn’t mean she can’t still sing. In fact, she’s apparently been killing it during a series of New York City concerts this past week and also, oh, she was “accidentally” caught on tape doing vocal exercises and hitting that high as hell note she’s most well known for:

4th show! Chopsticks???

Um vídeo publicado por Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) em

It’s sad as hell that Mariah, who is an actual diva in every sense of the world, feels desperate enough to prove that she’s still got it that she’ll stage a fake ass “surprise” video. I mean, those acting skills? Stop. Ariana Grande must really have her shook! Ha!

Starting now!!!

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  • What a happy coincidence! Thank bob for Instagraham, too! Whew! It’s not really the same without the hand waving and dramatic earplug pulling out, though. Next time

  • So let me see if I understand. If she can’t hit the high notes that’s bad, but if she proves she can hit the high notes, that is also bad. Wow, I am glad I’m not a celebrity.

    • It’s complicated, I agree. She has to hit the high notes, but not in a “look at me” kinda way, or people make fun of that, and also if she doesn’t hit them, hence the “surprise” taping and subsequent posting. So you have to be good at something, you just can’t seem to know you are good at something. Because then: narcissist. It’s all very clear

  • Having them babies, suffering overweight gain, Preeclampsia, miscarriage to gestational diabetes, back problems amongst other pregnancy complications and a rude freaky whiny husband who wants her to notice him more.. stay famous.. doesn’t help one relax and sing..