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Surprise! Justin Bieber was Photoshopped in his Calvin Klein ad

calvin klein justin bieber

When Justin Bieber revealed his new Calvin Klein ad earlier this week, anyone with a brain and a working set of eyes very quickly called bullshit on the whole thing. Like, sorry to ruin your fantasies, but the Biebs does NOT look like that. He does not have biceps like that. His dick is not that big. Just no.

Some naysayers called us haters, but those of us who knew better stayed strong… and now the real before and after pictures have leaked. And yeeeeeep, they were Photoshopped to high heavens.

justin bieber photoshop

I mean, look – who’s REALLY surprised? Did anyone honestly expect Bieber to have anything but a small dick? Did anyone truly believe he was that big and buff? No, and that’s okay – Photoshop happens to the best of ’em.

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