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Dave Navarro made a 2-in-1 guitar strap/sex toy just in time for Christmas

dave navarro

Dave Navarro is a legendary rocker whose music chops are undeniable. He also just so happens to be a fan of rather kinky sex/BDSM. And what better way to celebrate those two passions than by combining them into a single gift for the lady or lady in your life?

The rocker tells TMZ he decided to combine his 2 favorite things — music and sex — and teamed up with a BDSM toy company … and the result is something he calls, “The Strap.”

Pretty simple concept … the guitar strap comes off the guitar and can then be used to restrain yourself or a partner in a ton of different positions. Seriously … just about anything your sick mind can come up with … The Strap can handle it.

As Dave put it … “It’s the Swiss army knife of the bedroom” — that is if you don’t already have an actual Swiss army knife in play.

Navarro preaches safe S&M though, and revealed his safe word — “Chappaquiddick.”

Huh. Okay. I guess whatever you’re into! However, how big of a market do we think this thing will actually have? Like, will he actually make any money off it once you subtract materials, promotion, the company’s fee, etc? I’m just thinking logistics here – but maybe that’s my problem. Clearly logic would not apply if you found yourself tied up with one of these.

Chacun a son gout, as the French say…

If you’d like to see this thing in action, there’s a picture behind a cut. Ya perverts.

dave navarro sex toy

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  • Well, this could be interesting…

    On another note… thank god she got those tats because she liked them and not to please others. At least thats why I got mine

  • It’s a personally satisfying project, I’m sure. It’s creative and cool for those into that scene. I’d like to see a product video featuring several ways to use it! I bet you can use it to walk your dog if you can’t find it’s leash. That would look badass on the right dog.