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Hey, Dave Navarro! XYZ!

Dave Navarro and Mystery Blonde Girlfriend, Pictures and Photos

Hey, Dave Navarro, Your Fly is Open!

Ha! I never thought I’d have the opportunity to say “XYZ” in that context ever again, much less to Dave Navarro.

Davey left Teddy’s last night with a mystery blonde and an open fly — can anyone ID this chick?

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  • She’s random stripper/groupie/whore.

    I hate him. What’s with the girl jeans? His head is too big for his little body and he’s such a slave to his “look.” Like heaven forbid he doesn’t dress like a “rock star” because then we’ll forget he’s a “rock star.” Loser.

  • Hehe, love the Navaro hate. And that chick actually looks a little on the old side. Love her dress though – as a shirt.

  • Give Dave a break! She had just “dusted” him off before the cameras showed up. She swallowed and needed a drink. There’s a sequence here, people.

  • Imagine this wanker, he can’t go out in public until he’s done with his makeup. what a Willbur.

  • The mysterious blond is his new gf. I heard she’s only 22…? She’s on myspace as is Navarro – there are lots of photos of them together. She’s much prettier in those photos. Sucks that old guys can get young girls!!

  • Everybody has a right on private hapiness.I have a lot of respect for Dave Navarro as guitar player.Don’t mind all those losers who criticize you Dave!They are just jealous!Greetz.Jason Basson from Antwerp(Belgium)

  • Her name is Nicole Bennet(not sure of the spelling). Don’t know the age of her either. She does something called “Benchwarmers”. It’s trading cards for guys, basically pin-ups. Thing that’s annoying is that I understand that she’s now REALLY jealous of Dave. Not sure if it’s because no one pays attention to her when he’s around, Gen. insecurity or she’s cheating on him. You know that saying….the one who’s making the most noise is the one with something to hide. Was hoping he’d wind up w/ a ‘real’ woman like Kat Von D. Wait….he just said on Camp Freddy Radio(ALL should tune in!!) that he’s w/ Stormy Daniels now. She’s abt. 30yrs. old. In Porn but w/ personality and in charge of her own productions, like he has HIS own. Better match at least.

  • that fake blonde,half italian girl is Nicole renee benette a former hawaiian tropic madam….she supplied girls and other stuff! I booked her onece, and two other friends of her’s hawaiian t girls…. MAN NICOLE COULD STAY UP FOR DAY’S!!! SHE SURE CAN PARTY! she said I’m 24 yr old.” the frist time I booked her” after all she could talk about was needing a sponcer for her Lipo, botox, injections, and a line of dermalogica???? then I saw her out after Pauly Shore dumped her for hte 50th time…But she looked like she found a sponcer, so I book her again. bad mistake! I regreat it! maybe dave will sponcer her one night. SHE NEEEEEDS HELP!

  • wow! nikki “nicole’ looks like she’s parting hard again! hitting the pipe!?? I used to be her room mate at the “Hawaiian Tropic house west” in Malibu CA. owned by Ron Rice, SomeSay her sugar daddy.. living with her was a nightmare! she’s a THIEF and a LAIR! nicole bennett tell’s untrue stories all the time..ok maybe 2% of the story will b true, she can’t stop when she’s ” “high”.. getting your reaction, to get to you,and to find out what u my know… I don’t think any amount of surgery can fix her this time! I always told her she could do better than Pauly Shore! R.I.P

  • one more thing…. she claims she was 25 yrs old from redlands ca. born in chicago,her parents r american/italian,she’s got black roots and mustache.. weird wiskers on her body,I mean that buzzing sound coming via bathrm is her mothers nerelco electric razor! YIKES!! …Now her age is about 30. but looks 40 something…. hey nikki, go see DR. Jason Daimond fix yourself. AND BURN THAT SHIRT… the one…. I’ve been sleeping with pauly shore for 2 1/2 slash 3 1/2 years! I hope u r not doing porn…your parent will die.

    • Wow Maddix! You sure can talk shit about others.. Tell us more about you..who’s garage are you living in now? how high were you when you wrote this…Hater!! Gold digger! Ms Wanna-Be but ain’t shit..Ha!

      • to crazy pix
        you just reminded me that some of my stuff is still at Ron Rices garage in malibu. So Hi Nicole!!! how are u? Ron’s west coast wifey…LOL..hate to disappoint but I DON’T do drugs.. that’s why i moved out of that house.. but u already know u live in it. LMAO