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Gwen Stefani releases ‘Spark the Fire’ video

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani is getting back in the swing of things as far as her music career goes, and her first offering to the world in several years is this: ‘Spark the Fire‘, a semi-shitty rap/pop whatever-the-hell you’d call it that’s… not very good. I mean, even Fergie’s comeback single is better than this shit.

I love Gwen and think she’s absolutely divinely beautiful, but I feel like she probably needs to give the music a rest. Your mileage may vary, of course… I’ll let you decide for yourself:

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    • I’m assuming your talking about Bush, and not some solo project. If that’s the case, I have to say that people don’t appreciate Bush like they should. I saw them live a year ago, and they were super into it. Great show.

      Sixteen Stone is probably in my top 10. Testosterone is AWESOME. And the newer stuff is definitely not bad at all.

      Plus, he has aged like a damn fine wine.

  • I felt some form of shame when I saw the fiat product placement. Made this mess a whole lot more awkard.

  • The Fiat product placement kills me! Sell out much?!

    The beat of song is ok but the lyrics are terrible. She is trying to rap/sound like Iggy Azalea et al to stay relevant.