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What Do We Think Of Johnny Depp’s New Look?


Johnny Depp can’t seem to make a movie unless he’s wearing a stupid outfit. Case in point, his latest getup for Disney’s Into the Woods, in which he plays the Big Bad Wolf, but looks like a Big Bad Pimp (above).

I mean, honestly, what is this? It’s so ridiculous it’s making me angry. I’ve just had it with Mr. Amber Heard‘s whimsy.

ANYWAY, there are three other covers of additional Into the Woods characters, including Meryl Streep as “The Witch.” It’s just as ridiculous. She looks like the enchanted tree from Pocahontas. (Yeah yeah yeah, I’m grumpy today.) Check ’em out below.

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    • You ARE cranky! Are you familiar with the premise of “Into the Woods?” It’s supposed to be a like this- a campy twist on the fairy tales. This play is very popular and it looks like the movie is going to have that over the top vibe that you get in live performances.