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Ryan Phillippe has only made 5 good movies

ryan phillippe

Ryan Phillippe has made over 30 films throughout his career, but guess what? Only five of those are ones he’d consider to be any good. Damn, at least he’s honest! But which five did he mean, anyway?

From US Weekly:

“I’ve made 30-plus films over 20 years,” Reese Witherspoon‘s ex-husband, 40, told the Los Angeles Times in a recent Skype interview. “And in my opinion, five of them are good. So you slave away and you work hard and you want to make something great, and a lot of times you end up disappointed. There are a lot of elements that are beyond your control when you’re an actor for hire,” he added.

Consider, for example, the 2011 flick Setup. “I did this terrible movie with 50 Cent,” the Lincoln Lawyer actor recalled to the Times. “It was just a situation I didn’t want to be in. I was sold a bill of goods and it turned out to be something different, which is often the case in this business.” (Other less-than-stellar movies in Phillippe’s past include 1998’s 54, 2001’s Company Man, and 2005’s Chaos.)

Frankly, I can only count, like, well… one movie I’ve seen of Ryan’s, and that was Cruel Intentions. Which everyone was nuts about when I was in school but I thought sucked. I’ve literally never seen another one of them. Also, I think it’s kinda bullshit that this dude is whining about how shit his movies are – he obviously knew that when he read the script for 95% of them, so I don’t believe that whole “things are out of your control as an actor” bullshit. If the script sucks, your movie will suck, and that’s the end of it. He did it for easy money and now he’s bitching about it/perhaps wanting to try to become credible. Nah, we’re all good, man.

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  • I also agree the The Lip only had one good movie and that was Cruel Intentions. I just saw Stop-Loss and when Channing Tatum out-acts you… maybe time to just build babies for moola. His kids are adorable!

      • 1) did you just invoke MacGruber to win an argument about quality movies? I like your style, Boop!!

        2) I thought that was Alex Pertyfur in the naked dancing one? Although I get the fleshbeards mixed up sometimes

      • The other naked dancing movie. No, no not that one. The other other naked dancing without the Wahlberger. Studio 54.

      • Ohhhhh, righttt. I haven’t seen that in awhile but I loved the soundtrack. Was it good? Like really good enough to make a list good? I just remember him offering to let someone wish his winky a thorough hello

      • Wait – there’s a naked dancing movie with a Wahlberger?? I just found out today that there’s a hierarchy for Wahlbergers, and I need to know which one was naked to see whether that moves him up or down

  • Okay good that he is optimistic but I don’t think he has done any good movies he really suck as an actor he needs to find something better to do

  • He is just jealous that his career is not like his ex wife’s–they started together and she flew higher.

    This just reminds me SO MUCH of Katherine Heigl. You know it seems I have spelled her name wrong and she is such a whiner I think it will stay that way just so she MIGHT see it :)