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Leaked Nudes To Become “Art”


Jennifer Lawrence was one of the celebs caught in the leaked nudes disaster and unfortunately for her and the others (like Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst) the photos aren’t going away anytime soon — in fact, they’re going to be featured as “art”. From E!:

Despite plenty of outrage from the public, Cory Allen Contemporary Art and artist XVALA are proceeding with their upcoming art show, “No Delete,” which will feature provocative images of the A-list stars.

“The artist sees these images as art,” Cory Allen explained to E! News. “[They are] a representation of someone or something that has a different meaning for everyone. Transforming those images to canvas presents them in a different light. It makes them real.”

Last week, CACA announced the leaked images will be life-size, unaltered and printed on canvases. The “art” will be held at a showroom in Saint Petersburg, Fla.

Despite several stars threatening legal action against anyone who posts the photos, Allen says what they’re doing doesn’t deserve legal ramifications.

“Our goal was not to do anything illegal. It was for XVALA to create art; to follow through with his vision for this project and for me to promote it,” Allen explained to E! News. “We have not been contacted by anyone.”

Okay, a few things. First, this reminds me of something Andy Warhol would do, although he’d definitely alter the images with his famous brightly colored silk screening technique. Secondly, I’m all for “art”, but I think this needs to die. What happened to these women was basically a sex crime. Their private photos were leaked, and it doesn’t matter how it happened — what matters is that it happened and it was a terrible invasion of privacy, and it should stop. Thirdly, this seems like a really lame excuse for art. But those are just my opinions.

What do you guys think? Would you see the exhibit? When it comes to art, is anything up for grabs?

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  • Art my ass, this is a shameful attempt to profit off those poor women and exploit them more. I hope he does get sued the jackass.

  • No matter how many websites they go after with legal actions, it won’t change the fact that the photos are out there. The leak happened, no amount of threatening or fines will change the fact that those people were violated. However, taking them and creating an art installation, at the very least, will cast the situation in a different light in regards to the public. Giving the artist permission to use the photos will also give a small semblance of control of the images back to the people who were violated. I think it’s a great idea.

    • Who is giving anyone permission to use them? I have not heard that anyone had. I think everyone involved should issue a cease and desist order, and then swoop in with the maximum lawsuit possible, if/when the display opens. Just because these photos have been made public doesn’t give anyone the right to display them. Profiting from someone’s theft makes you an accessory to the crime.

  • I hate, hate, hate lazy art, and this is it. You want your exhibit to be “controversial” and to have some “buzz”? Look no further, profit off some young women’s sexual violation and watch the money rain. This is shite.

  • I think they know, but just want attention in a bad publicity is good publicity kind of way. This is not art, this is breaking privacy, they can make art with their own naked pictures if they want without any women sexually violated.

  • I’d love to see that exhibit. It would be interesting to see the depth that he paints them with, much better than a photo in terms of emotional expressiveness. The idea could revolutionize graffiti! It’s pretty twisted due to the invasion of privacy inflicted on the subjects. I am not saying it’s right but we are so used to seeing their movies, tv shows, music and photos that it doesn’t seem like a stretch to enjoy some real art featuring them in nude paintings. I must be totally desensitized to consider the exhibit one that I would definitely go see.

    • When new nudes of Marilyn Monroe surface, they are shared widely. Maybe this kind of violation is acceptable if the victim is dead?