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Lady Gaga Gets Praised For Her Acting


Lady Gaga makes a cameo in the upcoming Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For as a waitress, and director Robert Rodriguez couldn’t be happier with her performance, going so far as to say he was, “blown away.” Here’s what he told E! News about his experience working with the mother monster:

I told her she had to be in it. But we needed to find a role small enough that she could do while she was on tour. And then this one popped up.

Gaga shares her scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Rodriguez went on:

We were shooting and it was just a couple of days away. She happened to be on tour in Houston, just a couple of cities away from us in Austin. She was ready. She brought her own wigs! I said, ‘We’re not going to have time to make a wig for you.’ She showed up, we did the scene, she knocked it out of the park and then she was back on tour.

He believes Gaga has what is takes to be an actress, saying,

She would be fantastic. The camera loves her. She’s a great performer. She’s performed twice for me now and I was blown away by her discipline. She studied acting before she became a singer and you could really tell.

Sin City creator Frank Miller even added,

She totally transforms into the part she’s playing to the point that it doesn’t even feel like acting.

Okay, let’s all pause here and just say…”Really?” The little bit of Gaga’s acting I’ve seen has been on the side of atrocious. She sounds like she’s reading off of cue cards. She’s dull and flat with her acting performances, in my opinion. But maybe she steps it up a level (or six) for this movie, who knows? Here’s a still:


I always appreciate seeing her on the “normal” side.

Who’s going to see this movie? Anyone seeing it specifically for Lady Gaga? Let’s hope her acting doesn’t piss off anymore fans, for her sake.

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  • I gotta say, I saw her a few weeks ago, and her show was awesome, and even to an extreme hard-ass like me, very moving. I’d see her again any ol’ day. She really put effort into interacting with her crowd, albeit mostly gay, (love ’em or hate ’em or anything in between) and letting them, through their notes letters she read aloud, vent their frustrations and fears. You can make whatever cynical slant on it, but I just don’t see it that way. I wish her success in whatever she does.

  • She does look great in the “still” but even if I were a Gaga fan I wouldn’t see this just coz she was making a cameo. Why would anyone sit through 2 hrs of a movie to see someone spend less than 5 mins on the screen?

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