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Katy Perry’s video for ‘This Is How We Do’ is here… and it’s not great

katy perry this is how we do

I love Katy Perry‘s brand of kitschy, in-your-face florescent weirdness. It’s something I enjoy greatly, and by that measure, I should really love her new video for ‘This Is How We Do’, but… I don’t. I think it’s all over the place and it looks cheap and I’m just not sure what to make of it. Also, she’s still on her cultural appropriation grind, which is getting into overkill mode at this point. Eh, not the biggest fan of this. Still love her, though.

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  • “shout out to all the kids that spend their rent money on booze!” ~RESPECT!~

    fuckin’ serious? what is this bullshit

  • I think she decided to go with a full-on racist video so it detracts from how fucking awful the song is. Blackface without a blackface.