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Whoopi Goldberg thinks women provoke men to hit them

whoopi goldberg

Uhhhhh… I honestly don’t even know where to start with this bullshit that’s come out of Whoopi Goldberg‘s mouth. The context is that she was discussing the Ray Rice case. If you’re not familiar with what happened there, Ray Rice was suspended from the Baltimore Ravens for domestic violence against his wife. Rice claimed that his wife hit him first, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith then said that women provoke men into violence and Whoopi then stepped up to agree with that statement on The View. Because clearly her brain has begun to atrophy.

“Don’t be surprised if you hit a man, he hits you back.”

“If you make the choice as a woman who is 4’3? and you decide to hit a guy who is 6 foot tall and you’re the last thing you want he wants to deal with that day and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised.”

“I know I’m going to catch a lot of hell, and I don’t care. But you have to teach women, do not live with this idea that men have this chivalry thing still with them, don’t assume that that is still in place.”

I understand what she’s saying in that some men don’t give a shit and will hit women back, and I’m also not saying that women should have a free pass to batter men. HOWEVER, that does not make domestic violence on a man’s part right. Chances are, if a woman slaps or hits her husband, he has the physical capability to overpower her and stop the attack. Why on earth would he need to attack back, and how in the hell is that an excuse (if it even happened at all)? And why on earth should you expect to be hit by your partner at all? If someone hit me, you’d better damn sure believe I’d be surprised by it, and then I’d call the police and then I’d pack my shit and leave, end of.

Then again, Whoopi Goldberg is known for her victim blaming bullshit, so I’m not at all surprised here.

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  • Seems like you are purposefully cherry-picking what she said to make it inflammatory. NO ONE should expect to be hit by their partner, but she says that if you hit first, no matter your sex, you shouldn’t be surprised to be hit back. Excessive retaliation is not right, but using the cover of womanhood to swipe at men all the time with no fear of repercussions isn’t right, either.

  • This is the most sexist piece of garbage I’ve ever read. “victim blaming?”. How can you say if a woman hits a man and gets hit back SHE’S the victim? Does that mean if a man hits a man that’s stronger than him and gets hit back is he the victim too? Pretty sure the aggressor of a physical confrontation is never the victim regardless of their sex. You’re basically saying that while women shouldn’t hit men, if they do they should get special treatment because they’re weak and feeble and men are just big strong violent assholes. This is sexist towards both men and women and the biggest piece of rubbish I’ve ever read on this site.

    • ^^^^ THIS! Absolutely yes! Goldberg isn’t victim blaming- she’s saying if a woman hits a man, she better not be surprised if he hits back. Damn straight. Talk about trying to incite some shit- I fully respect and agree with what Goldberg is saying, and it looks like I’m not the only one.

    • Oh shut the fuck up, I have never supported men hitting women but I do see women ABUSE the fact the our power to be back them to a fault, many many of times I seen women,get in a guys face pointing her finger at him, how would u like that to happen to u, and the funny thing about it is he did not cheat on her, she was tripping over something small, I man should just never haul off on a female but they should have a law about women provoking men by invading their personal space and aggressively touching them

  • As an FYI–in our (US) military no matter who hits who the Soldier goes away. The MPs will come to the house (of course, this means they live on Post) and if the Solider is male and the female has done all the abuse…he gets taken away from his kids, etc. I have always thought that this is unfair (I know why it is done), but I know a LOT of cases were the victim (male) was held responsible.

    Soldier above also means Airman, Marine or Sailor.

  • Nothing she says surprises me; she’s not very smart. She supports Mel Gibson, Michael Vick and as of yesterday had no clue about the Israeli conflict and that the Palestinians broke the cease fire. I’m tired of her; she’s not funny, not wise, and has no command of the English language. You never know when she’ll revert to some street slang and come off like a fool. I can’t watch the View anymore-it’s just too stupid and it’s just unfortunate that she remains there espousing her less than intelligent views.

    • You have to be dumb an uneducated….don’t talk about anyone if you can’t even spell simple words a fifth grader can use. Worry about an education instead of whoopi you just might be more successful ????????

  • She is right, why hit the man? If a man has the ability to (and is expected to) control himself, the same rule should apply to women.

  • If anyone attacks another, male or female it is expected that the victim retains the right to defend themselves.
    Men are more and more becoming less tolerant of being abused by women, and are defending themselves.
    If that means returning what they have been given, more power to em.
    Women need to learn that hitting anyone is just unacceptable.
    Men have been put in jail over and over for hitting (DV). It’s time women were made accountable for their actions as well.

  • OMG TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!!!!!! Wemon if you want your men to scream and shout and nag nag nag, and only bitch about what makes you un happy then do it. MEN if you want to be ignored disrespected, and HIT then do it COME On, they should switch Roll’s and revers for 30 miutes. Have the men treat the woman how she treats him and have the woman treat her husband how she treats her YOU WON’T LIKE IT will you???

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