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Blake Lively gets her second Vogue cover

blake lively vogue

So… I think Blake Lively is still making movies? Maybe? I’m sure she is, but it seems like she’s not really been doing much but being married to Ryan Reynolds… and being put on the cover of Vogue, of course. Oh wait, and she’s starting a lifestyle company! She’s bagged her second cover and the photos are out (as is the interview). I’m not really sure about the country theme, but let’s go with it. Enjoy!

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  • I absolutely ~adore~ the whole rugged, Montana cowboy, Brokeback Mountain sort of theme. The fashion is so classy-comfy, Blake’s killin’ here… whoever did her nose did a good job.

  • I think this is her third cover? Wintour is setting the bar really low on Vogue covers.

    Agree with anonymous, her surgeon did a great job. No shade

  • When you look like she does and have the body to wear anything and look good you don’t really need to focus on acting anymore. She’s a better model than she was ever an actress anyway, so more power to her, I guess.