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Robin Thicke’s VH1 Q&A went downhill quickly…

robin thicke

Robin Thicke is a misogynist, a serial cheater and a total creep of epic proportions (he actually named his new album Paula… seriously), so it should be no surprise that a Q&A session he did on Twitter for VH1 this week went badly very, very quickly. He encouraged fans to use the tag #AskThicke in order to have a chance of being seen, but turns out the questions most people wanted to ask were about why he’s so fucking awful. Oops!

Of course, Robin wasn’t bothered at all. When confronted with the hard questions, like, you know, why Robin didn’t just treat his wife well when he was with her rather than crying about it now, he basically told the asker to listen to his album. Uh…

I mean, whatever. This guy has never gotten it and he never will. Let’s just hope Paula isn’t dumb enough to listen to this shit.

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