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Lady Gaga comes out as straight during Pride weekend

lady gaga

Lady Gaga has always made a bit of a to-do about the fact that she’s bisexual and equal opportunity when it comes to which genitalia you’ve got in your pants, but it seems she’s changed tracks a bit – as often happens with the “four year queer” community of which I’ve always thought she was a part – and subtly come out as straight during Pride weekend.

She headed down to Atlantic City this weekend with her dog and a friend, and posted the photo above with the following caption:

Atlantic City Baby. Straights celebrating their pride by unLEASHING our gayness. @thedirtypearls @tommylondon Be proud. We were born this way. #TellemAsia

Well, okay. Frankly I don’t care who/what Gaga prefers having sex with, I just think it’s sorta hilarious/pathetic that so many popstars want to latch on to the bisexual identity in the beginning to get themselves press/gain a queer following and then they back off it when they realize it’s not cool anymore. Paging Jessie J!

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  • This is part of the reason why we have such a hard time being taken seriously in the straight and gay communities and why people think that bisexuality doesn’t exist, or is just a phase, or that we’re secretly really gay. Drives me mad.

    You nailed it though, it’s just another attention-getter and when the attention from it wanes, the drama queens are off and running to the next trend.

    I was a fan of Gaga when she first came along, but not anymore. She obviously blew what talent she had on the first CD and now all she has left is gimmicks & costumes. Just shut up and go away already, Gaga.

    Signed – a *real* bisexual woman

  • They can’t even call it “gay pride” anymore, because even in their INCREDIBLY OVERBEARING insistence I recognize their rights as some sort of victim status, their filthy political correctness overwhelms the whole thing. Go pound sand every last one of you.

  • What’s with the metal shirts? Mötley Crue, Van Halen, and an Iron Maiden shirt on the guy behind them… Posers.

  • @Muttley Macclad “insistence I recognize their rights as some sort of victim status”

    Wrong. All the LGBTQA community wants is the same rights as everyone else. The right to marry, to a job, to a safe place to live and work.

    Why do you consider that too much to ask?

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