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Shia LaBeouf Banned From Restaurant For Being Gross


Shia LaBeouf was recently arrested on Broadway for being a douche (read: disorderly conduct), but did you know he’s been up to crazy shenanigans even before? In fact, he got himself banned from a restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA, for being gross — he peed on the wall. TMZ has the whole story:

Shia hit up The Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks … during his 4 hour visit, LaBeouf meandered to the back of the restaurant … and the manager got suspicious.

Eyewitnesses tell us the manager followed Shia to the parking lot, where he saw the actor peeing on the wall, so he called LaBeouf out.  Shia profusely apologized in an odd rant.

LaBeouf wasn’t done … he went back inside and tried ordering food, but the manager had enough and told Shia to get out.  The 2 had words, Shia paid his tab and stormed out vowing never to return.

The restaurant tells us the feeling is mutual. Shia is officially persona non grata.

Do you think something is seriously wrong with Shia LaBeouf, or is he just an asshole? I’m remembering back to when Amanda Bynes first started acting strangely and then it turned out she had serious problems. I wonder if that’s the same case here…or if he’s just an immature douche.

What do you think?

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