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Lindsay Lohan actually landed an acting gig

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been traipsing around London lately, claiming that she was looking for work and to escape America, which as a whole is apparently out to get her. While she was dropping hints about joining the theatre world, everyone figured she was just talking shit… but apparently she was telling the truth, and she’s headed to the legendary stages of the West End!

From TMZ:

LiLo will actually be live on stage nightly, doing David Mamet‘s infamous play, “Speed-the-Plow.” Beginning in September, Lohan will play the role of the secretary (there are only three roles in the whole play) a part that was played by Madonna in the original run back in 1988.

This particular play has a recent history of turmoil … it’s the same play Jeremy Piven bowed out of midway through its run … claiming he got sick from eating too much sushi.

It’s a big deal for Lindsay … the only work she’s been getting lately has been to host parties.

Well, sounds like a real exclusive gig, there.

To be honest, we probably should give Lindsay a bit of credit here. The fact that anyone at all is willing to take a chance on hiring her irresponsible, unreliable, drunk ass is kind of a miracle. Surely she won’t fuck this one up, right? Uh… right? (Countdown to disaster starts… now. Something tells me she won’t even make it to her opening night.)

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  • Except nobody’s been able to figure out WHO is producing this in London… not a single West End theatre has it listed in their upcoming season…

  • She will not make opening night curtain NO way in hell. If rehearsals start Monday she won’t make it thru july.