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Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!

Is there anything left to say about Kim's horrid fashion sense that hasn't been said?

Is there anything left to say about Kim‘s horrid fashion sense that hasn’t been said?

Well look at that — it’s time once again for best and worst celebrity looks of the week! Here’s last week‘s, in case you missed it. This week we’ve got Keira Knightley in a fashion face-off against herself, and more fashion atrocities from Kim Kardashian.

Go through the photos and make your selection for who had the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! Mine are at the bottom, as always.

Let’s get right down to it, shall we?



Angelina Jolie usually nails it, but those sleeves give her arms a very weird look, and I can’t get past it. They’re like elongated T. Rex arms. Which she does not have. Weird, weird dress.


I do however, LOVE this dress on America Ferrera. Perfect cut for her, and she looks lovely and fabulous.



Well, Courtney Love has certainly looked better. Uh, I like the shoes?



Demi Lovato. There’s too much going on here. She looks like a Transformer as styled by Forever 21.



Elle Fanning in a pretty dress with diabolical shoes.



Giuliana Rancic. It looks like some majestic, wayward bird crash landed into her chest.



When Gwen Stefani isn’t wearing ugly pants, she’s wearing ugly shoes. But I can’t hate on this too much, it’s a great example of her effortless yet cool street style. She sure goes to the acupuncturist a lot.



It’s Heidi Klum in a red mini dress, what more could you want?



Jennifer Garner really has a thing for ugly jumpsuits. I like her toenail color. That’s something positive.



Joel McHale. DAMN, that’s a wide tie. Other than that (and the hair) he’s looking pretty sharp.



So here’s Keira Knightley with horrible posture at the premiere of her film…


…and here she is at the after party. Which dress do you prefer? I like the film premiere one better. Loving those gold shoes though.



And here’s another one of Kim Kardashian‘s fugly outfits. This just doesn’t fit her properly. Not a good look, Kim.



Lady Gaga. Well, at least she’s not walking around in her bra again. So I say, upgrade.



Laverne Cox of Orange Is the New Black is looking on POINT.



Lily Cole is a sickly vision in monochrome. I don’t think this color works on her.



Liv Tyler. I don’t understand what’s going on here. Does her dress have an asymmetrical fringe? And why?



Once again, I hate everything about Olivia Munn‘s look. The lipstick is especially killing me here.



Here’s Poppy Delevingne, out and about. Why the boots, though?



This is an actress named Rose McIver. I’m not familiar with her work, but I love her dress.



Sienna Miller at the airport, looking cool as all hell. She’s still got it!



Tallulah Willis. What kind of The Craft shit is this?



Here’s Tom Cruise trying to bring back classic Tom Cruise. I think he needs to invest in a sweater that properly fits.



And finally, Toni Collette. This does nothing for her :(

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine:

BEST: America Ferrera
WORST: Kim Kardashian (dat jumpsuit)
WTF: Demi Lovato

Your turn!

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