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Justin Bieber’s new neighbors already hate him

justin bieber

Surprise! Justin Bieber‘s the worst! He moved into a Beverly Hills condo recently and his neighbors are already sick of his bullshit and have called the cops several times. Apparently Justin bought the top floor unit of the building and one a floor down, even though they don’t connected. He has proceeded to throw a ton of parties there and hotbox the entire place with too much weed smoke.

From TMZ:

We’re told Justin needed the space not just for him but for his entourage.  He moved in earlier this month.

Now here’s the predictable problem with the Biebs living in a condo building.  The neighbors have already contacted the HOA because of excessive noise and marijuana.  And we’re told … cops have been called twice.

A resident in the building tells TMZ, “The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor, especially my hallway which is shared by [Justin’s] unit.”

Neighbors complained last week of a rager that went on until 4 AM.

And there’s this.  A neighbor told TMZ Justin was having a small party Monday where his deck was outfitted with bongs and a bar … and the entire penthouse floor was being hotboxed.

Why on earth would you, as a rich person, even want to live in a building with other apartments? Why not get a house, where you have land that’s private? Especially if you’re Justin Bieber and known for getting into trouble with neighbors? Does this kid not have an advisor or what?

Second of all, why can’t he pick a damn place to live already? He was in Calabasas, then he was moving to Atlanta to be closer to hip hop, now he’s in Beverly Hills… seems like someone is lacking a little direction.

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