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Sarah Jessica Parker can only work out for 22 minutes

sarah jessica parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has always been an incredibly fit, incredibly thin woman – attribute it to good genes and/or her ballet background, but she never really struggled with her weight, that’s for sure. However, we shouldn’t equate thinness with fitness (or love of fitness, maybe?) because turns out, she can’t stand working out.

From E! News:

You may think SJP spends hours upon hours in the gym, but the 49-year-old admitted to an audience during the Cannes Lion film festival that isn’t the case.

“I work out for a sum total of 22 minutes, because that’s all I can bear,” she revealed.

Now, we’d hardly say a consistent, 22-minute a day workout is lazy. Clearly she’s getting in some quality workout time, because the results show. And we can totally relate to working out in short, manageable bursts.

LOL, I love the editorial commentary there. The results show? Yes, the results of having good genes and an incredibly small frame her entire life definitely show. Of course, I don’t know SJP and would never say she puts no effort into her body whatsoever, but something tells me it’s not a daily struggle…

No shade, of course – I think SJP is great!

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  • Jennifer, you might want to reread your first sentence. Though I am sure that she also owns some good jeans too.

      • HAHA! Long day yesterday – thanks for the correction. Side note: I used to own some SJP jeans when she had that clothing line for Steve & Barry’s. They were cheap and pretty great :P

  • Isn’t she, like, super toned? I can totally see her lifting heavy weights for 20 minutes every day to get those guns. Or is it Madonna? I’m confused.