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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Get Her Freckles Removed

lindsay lohan freckles

Lindsay Lohan burst onto the scene as a freckly redheaded adorable girl in The Parent Trap and it seems like she’s doing her darndest to remove herself as far from her past as possible. She’s been getting into trouble left and right, is looking to move to London, and now reports from Radar state that she wants to permanently change her behavior, just kidding, her face. Personally, I think she’s already made lots of changes to her face with injections (forehead, lips), but that’s apparently not enough — she wants to get rid of her signature freckles. She already appears to cover them with heavy makeup, but she wants to make it permanent.

From Radar:

“Lindsay is known for trying new things, but she’s shocked friends and family members by suddenly getting irate over her freckles,” a source said.

“She’s always loved her freckles – well, pretended to, anyway – but now she’s decided it’s time to get rid of them and she’s looking into having them either bleached or lasered away,” the source added.

[…]  The source said that strangely, the Freaky Friday actress’ freckle-free move could be related to her partying: “It’s bizarre, but it’s exactly what happens when Lindsay starts going off the rails again – she wants more surgery or a total makeover because she’s so miserable. But everyone’s hoping she leaves her freckles alone as they’re a trademark for her and she looks beautiful with them.”

I think this is a bad move, and I also think she’ll totally go through with it. She’s looking to fix her inner problems by “fixing” her outer “problems.” It’s textbook. Don’t fix your face, fix your behavior. And your face doesn’t need fixing anyway.

What do you think? Should she keep the freckles or get rid of them?

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