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Kim Kardashian’s Bonnaroo Outfit: Hell Yes Or God No?


Kim Kardashian went to Bonnaroo to watch now-husband, Kanye West perform. And because it’s Kim Kardashian, she wore the above impractical outfit: a sheer top with white jeans. She posted the outfit on Instagram along with a few others:

kim-kardashian-bonnaroo-2 kim-kardashian-bonnaroo-3

I have some critiques:

  • Those jeans look too tight.
  • The jacket doesn’t go.
  • That top is just…I mean, come on. Really?

What do you think of her outfit? Is it a “Hell, yes” or a “God, no”? Am I being too harsh?

Note: the guy in the bottom photo is someone named Ricky, according to her caption. To quote an Instagram user comment, “Who the hell is Ricky?” Anyone know?

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