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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Yes, this is a real person: Katie Price. See the full outfit in the rest of the post!

Yes, this is a real person: Katie Price. See the full outfit in the rest of the post!

Welcome back to another edition of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Here’s last week’s looks. This week, as usual, I want you to go through the various outfits and make your picks for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week. Mine are, as usual, at the bottom. I think we all know who is gunning for most WTF look of the week (above) but wait until you see John Mayer‘s outfit! We got a lot of looks for you, so let’s get started!



Speaking of WTF, well hello, Rihanna‘s boobs, thanks for time traveling from having disco night with Jay Gatsby to join us this evening!


I think Amanda Seyfried is too tiny for this Stevie Nicks-style dress.



Anna Chlumsky in such an unnecessary crop top. My crusade against crop tops continues. This whole outfit is puzzling.



OMFG I love Blake Lively in this 1960’s Sally Draper getup. Girl has been BRINGING IT lately. This is so perfect I can practically hear Betty screaming at her.



Christina Hendricks in something fug. It’s like she was inspired by Grimace. Not a good look, right down to the pointy metallic shoes.



But here’s a Mad Men lady who nailed it — Miss Elisabeth Moss. Her style has gotten so much better lately. Well done.



I think Emmy Rossum looks like a perfect earthy goddess, even with the crazy nest of hair. I love this.



Then, we have Florence Welch in wallpaper.



Here’s Gwen Stefani wearing half an overall AGAIN. Why??? It looks stupid. I like the shoes though. Wonder if they’re L.A.M.B..



Here’s Hilary Duff looking adorable. I love the hat. It’s kind of necklace overkill, but I’ll allow it. Why do I want to be her friend so badly? What’s up with that? I’ll take any theories.



Here’s Isabel Lucas looking ridiculous, from head to toe. Let’s get a closer look at her headpiece:


I mean, come on. This is not The Never-Ending Story. Love her eyelashes though, very retro application. Oh man, we have a WTF goldmine of looks this week.



Jennifer Hudson. I like the new haircut, and I’d like the gown if not for the weird sleeve. This would look so much better if entirely strapless. And those shoes are kinda not doing it for me — they seem like something you’d buy at Nine West for your first big girl office job.



John Mayer: BWUAHAHAHAHA. What in the everloving f-ck is this? He looks like Justin Bieber as styled by Taylor Swift.



Here’s Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting in Holy Crap Someone Got Tan. She looks like Kate Gosselin.



Y’all ready for this? Katie Price, looking like a MarioKart level. Insanity. Classic Katie Price.



I will give Kelly Osbourne props — she’s looking good. Still not a huge fan of the hair, but she knows now how to dress for her bod, and she looks killer.



Here’s Kendall Jenner, looking like a blue pencil. I think her legs are the size of my arms. I might be crazy but I don’t entirely hate this suit, though I’m not a fan of the heels she paired it with.



Keri Russell. Sometimes fashion gets so artsy that you wind up looking like Ariel after she tried to make a gown out of a discarded boat sail. I feel a little like that’s what happened here. She looks beautiful but when I see this gown, I wonder about its functionality instead of admiring its avant-garde…ness. Know what I mean?



Amazingly, here’s Kim Kardashian entirely covered. She looks like she stole an outfit from the Felicity American Girl doll. I think it’s a bit of a frumpy look for her. Sorry, Kim. Appreciate the thought.



Here’s Kylie Jenner in WTF heels and skirt. I can’t tell if that skirt has a cutout at the top or what’s going on there. And the hair. Girl, no. Leave that kind of hair to Katy Perry.



I barely recognize Lily Allen. I appreciate the 1970’s feel of this gown, and I love the shoes, but the whole look comes off as a little…odd. I think Lily Allen’s shrinking body makes her look a little…well, odd. Does this make sense? I’m not saying she looks bad, she just looks very different. It’s the hair, too. Okay, I’m done here.



Lindsay Lohan looking just like her mom. And God, those boots are awful.



Here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while: Lucy Liu. It’s an interesting gown. Reminds me of the opening credits of Breaking Bad.



When Lupita Nyong’o nails it, she’s brilliant; when she misses, she misses hard. I think this is a big miss.



Here’s Disney Princess Mariah Carey. Hoo boy. This is like Vanna White meets Courtney Stodden with 1980’s Madonna gloves. Stay gold, Mariah.



I have no idea what the everloving hell is going on with Marion Cotillard‘s dress, or why. It’s almost like she put a floppy Venn Diagram on her body.



Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, aka Mel B. I guess the “B” is for boring, because that’s what this is. Zing! Like the blue nail polish though, that’s pretty cute.



Robin Wright is a beautiful woman but I don’t think this dress works for her. It’s almost too little girlish. She needs something more sleek and structural. Something more substantial.



Here’s Shailene Woodley who is sick of Jennifer Lawrence comparisons, and yet I can’t help but compare this to the gown Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Oscars (the 2nd time she was nominated). It’s almost identical, just different colors. She’s gotta know that. No way she didn’t know.



Here’s Solange Knowles, looking like 1970’s Diana Ross, and I love it. Love love that hair.



Here’s Sophia Bush. I don’t get this. I don’t think it’s particularly flattering. Love the hair though.



And finally, Zoe Saldana in a frumpy mess.

Lots of looks! Here are my picks.

BEST: Blake Lively
WORST: Christina Hendricks
WTF: John Mayer

Your turn!

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  • I think you are just afraid to say anything negative about Solange – for fear she’ll kick your ass. the dress is great – the hair I could do without. She just always looks pissed off at the world. yah, sorry that your sister is prettier – deal with it – you are beautiful and talented as well.

  • Best: Emma.
    Anna’s shoes are horrible. So is Blake’s whole look and those lips she always makes.

  • Blake, Shailene, and Lucy look great. WTF – Marian because seriously. Worst – Rainbow Brite.

  • Ok, I thought Robin Wright was a guy dressed as a girl – still do.

    I want Katie Prices socks/tights – the rest can be incinerated.

  • This is a tough one because there’s so much hot mess and so much I like.

    Katie Price is the worst (because, obviously)
    I actually really loved Lucy Lui’s look and Shailene Woodleys dresses, but there are some definite winners in there as well.

    WTF has to be John Mayer. Seriously, it’s like the front of those pants is a trouser/button-down-cardigan monstrosity. I don’t really even know what I’m looking at.

    • “I don’t really even know what I’m looking at.” YES. It’s like one of those Magic Eye things where you look close and pull back and hope to see something that makes sense, but nope.