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Kim Kardashian thinks Rob’s fatness is “bringing down the family name”

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Poor Rob Kardashian. After booking an early flight back to Los Angeles right before big sister Kim‘s wedding to Kanye West last weekend, apparently he decided to start getting his act together and really dedicating himself to losing some weight. Hopefully it’s for his own well-being rather than from his family shaming him. We’ve heard that this whole ordeal was over Rob not wanting to be in family photos because of his weight, but apparently it goes a bit deeper than that, because Kim is ashamed and thinks Rob is “bringing down the family name”. Oh, snap!

From Radar Online:

“Kim and Rob haven’t been speaking to each other for months…she thinks he is lazy, and bringing down the family name because of his physical appearance. After arriving in Paris, Rob and Kim got into a very heated argument because she thought he was just moping around the hotel. She encouraged him to go out and sight see, which he declined to do,” the source told Radar.

“This made her extremely angry, and they exchanged words. During the course of the argument, Rob was accused by Kim of leaking negative stories about her to the press. That was the final straw for Rob, because that is something he would never do.”

The source continued, “So, he packed his bags, and left Paris before the wedding. He wanted nothing to do with it, and thought it was ridiculous that Kim’s third marriage was so over the top.”

The funny part here is that Kim thinks the “family name” is anything to be proud of. Seriously, let’s do a little experiment here. When you think of the word “Kardashian”, what are the first three words that pop into your head? Be honest – this is a judgment-free zone. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but “honour”, “hard work”, “intelligence”, “integrity”… none of those come to mind, right?

Frankly, I’d rather be fat than a brainless idiot who didn’t even realize racism existed until she had a mixed-race child.

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  • I think that people just hate the Kardashians. No one is angry that Elisabeth Hasselbeck rose to fame on Survivor for eating bugs and married a football player. She has no talent and little intelligence, like Kim. She isn’t half as hard working. Kim is constantly making appearances, filming the reality show, managing businesses and doing photo shoots. We don’t bash models for having no talent and not working. When a model does a photo shoot, it’s considered work. If a model has a business, she is considered intelligent.

    Although the Kardashians suck, the attitudes and hypocrisy of the haters is a bit more disturbing to me. I’m not calling out Evil Beet nor it’s posters, just pointing out the spin on the Kardashians. (I don’t like them at all! Kanye is a jerk too.)

  • I think people hate the Ks because of the literal whores that they are. Starting with mom K. Let’s not forget Kim’s porn video, oh that doesn’t shame the family name!!!

    Oh and Khloe marrying a b-ball player, for love. It had NOTHING to do with his bank account, hugh???

    I hope Rob moves far away from these evil women.

    Oh and I also detest Hasselbeck and her moron, tea party husband. Let’s not forget, Elizabeth’s family is liberal. She only became a conservative to please her dope husband. We can blame Barbara Walter’s butt for this.

  • Ever thought he could have tumor like my son who put on alot of weight,,my son hates food.He has a brain tumor,,,