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First Kardashian Wedding Portrait


Hey, did you guys hear that Kim Kardashian married Kanye West yesterday? Ha ha ha. We have now what might be the first wedding portrait (above) released of the couple. It’s from a photo booth, leaked by designer Olivier Rousteing, who designed Kim‘s reception dress.

Kanye looks so happy, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen him that happy. Kim looks like…well, to be honest, her face seems a little…frozen? Maybe one too many fillers to the face before the big day?

But the important thing is that they’re both very happy and in love and Jay Z and Beyoncé didn’t make it to their wedding, haha.

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  • I didn’t know she married Tracey Morgan good for her. He’s probably looking for another kidney

  • Yeezy looks hiiiigh. Kim looks like the self absorbed tool we all know and love to hate. Man, I would have payed to be at that wedding

  • It looks fake like they are at two different partys/events. I didn’t think he ever smiled it kind of freaks me out

  • it looks like he is laughing at her face. jeez, her face is all kinds of fucked up. what is she? like 32? what will she do when she’s 70? “moisturize meeee”

    • As someone who gets the joke, this is now my favorite thing every imagined for Kim Kardashian’s future.

  • WOW he can actually smile hope they’re happy and now I don’t want to hear another word about either of them