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Paul McCartney is hospitalized in Japan


Look, I’m going to say something unpopular, but it has to be said: I think Paul McCartney – and The Beatles in general – are overrated. I get what they did for rock ‘n’ roll, I get how many artists have been influenced by them and all of that, but like… I think it’s time for them to retire. Paul is no spring chicken anymore, and that’s not being ageist, it’s being a realist: his new music is just not very good. Plus, the whole touring around the world thing is NOT easy even on a young person’s body, let alone a 71-year-old… as proven by the fact that Paul’s been hospitalized in Tokyo, Japan after falling ill.

A statement on his website read:

Since contracting a virus last week that led to the postponement of tour dates, Paul received successful medical treatment at a hospital in Tokyo.

He will make a complete recovery and has been ordered to take a few days rest.

Paul has been extremely moved by all the messages and well wishes he has received from fans all over the world.

And Paul himself added a statement:

“Unfortunately my condition has not improved overnight. I was really hoping that I’d be feeling better today. I’m so disappointed and sorry to be letting my fans down.

“I was really looking forward to visiting and playing in South Korea for the first time and I’m sorry to be letting fans down. I’m very disappointed by this and hope to be able to visit soon.”

I do hope he recovers soon and gets back on his feet.

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