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Company suing Lindsay Lohan calls bullshit on miscarriage story

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Lindsay Lohan is so dedicated to the lie she concocted during her reality series – that she miscarried a pregnancy, which is why she was AWOL for two full weeks of production without telling anyone – that she even testified such in court, in a new lawsuit against her by her former leggings company, 6126. You see, Lindsay never turned up to the hearing, which she claims is because she was too upset about this alleged miscarriage. Only thing is, she was happy enough to be partying around the world during that time, which has caused 6126 to call bullshit on her bullshit.

From Radar Online:

Lawyers for DNAM industries — who are suing Lohan for inadequately promoting her line — told the court they want to be entitled to cross-examine Lohan in documents filed on May 13 in Los Angeles. She had previously insisted she would not talk about her personal issues because such a deposition “would invade her right of privacy and provide the court no guidance in its ruling.”

According to the documents they want to know “Why she waited over five months until after the discovery cut-off” to file important paperwork in the case. As Radar has reported, Lohan blamed the delay on being “overwhelmed” by the demands of sobriety and her alleged miscarriage.

But DNAM says they want to know “Why during this same time period … Ms. Lohan has been able to party at the Coachella music Festival in Indio, CA, attend the Art Basel Festival in Miami Beach, FL, film a guest spot on a CBS sitcom, film a multi-part documenter/reality show … travel to London, England, travel intermittently to Los Angeles, CA, appear on the David Letterman Show and engage in other conduct easily discoverable on the internet.”

In addition, they want to know when exactly Lohan entered and left rehab, since her time there affected her work on their collaboration.

Damn, they’re going in – and I don’t blame them. Lindsay has been trying to get away with serious fuckery for years, and it’s high time she was held accountable. If she’s ever going to have any hope of normalcy/recovery – and let’s be honest, I don’t think that’s in the cards – then people need to start treating her like an adult and make her take responsibility for her decisions.

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  • Oh man you have to love the list of the shit she got up to when she was to overwhelmed to promoting this line. Too feckin funny when they said and this is the stuff you can find online !!! lmao

  • She never pays the price. It’s so noticable and extreme that I have wondered if she’s blowing Dick Cheney or Putin. Why the special treatment?