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Justin Bieber got detained at LAX

justin bieber

People have been trying to get Justin Bieber permanently deported from the US for a while now, which I thought was a joke but apparently it completely serious. Well, those people nearly had a small victory on Thursday, when JB was detained for hours at LAX by customs officials who didn’t really want to let him back in the country.

A source tells PEOPLE that Bieber was detained “for routine secondary questioning” but was not being kept out of the United States.

Bieber, 20, had reportedly been held for almost four hours inside Tom Bradley International Terminal after flying in from Tokyo while his entourage waited for him, but he was eventually released, according to E! News.

It’s not really “routine” to detain someone for hours, I have to say, and considering his numerous run-ins with the law (including drug offenses), it’s a pretty safe bet it was a little something more. Alas, Bieber’s back again – we just can’t get rid of him!

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  • whatever if this happened he better get “a customed” to it even though I have read almost 2hrs, 4hrs here and 5hrs elsewhere? “A source” keeps adding hrs to his/her story? Weird considering “A source” is usually so freakin believable?

  • Getting put thru secondary customs searches is routine for people who have charges before they are allowed back into the US. I know everyone wants to front like they are so cool, but getting outraged over this silly kid, is ridiculous. He is not going to get deported, and no one should care anyway. This little turd doesn’t affect anyone.

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