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Justin Bieber is probably getting another plea deal

justin bieber

The last we heard of Justin Bieber‘s Miami DUI case, he was offered a plea deal that would mean he’d have to submit to random drug testing, which is a no go considering his, you know, rampant drug use. Since Baby Bieber was having a hissy fit, it was pretty certain that this case would be going to trial, except now it seems like he’s been given an entirely NEW plea deal in which he gets absolutely everything he wants???

From TMZ:

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ … prosecutors have backed off the DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license charges, and they are working out a deal with Bieber’s lawyers for the singer to plead no contest to reckless driving.  The 3 charges will be dropped.

And this is the critical part … prosecutors have backed offtheir demand for random drug testing … something Bieber’s lawyers would NEVER agree to for obvious reasons.

Bieber would not be entirely out of the woods … he would be placed on probation — it appears for 1 year — which means he’d have to keep his nose clean.

Ugh, shut up. So he’ll get a slap on the wrist yet again and a “year of probation”, which is basically more important on paper than it is in real life since it won’t impose a single restriction on this idiot. I HATE THE LAW!

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  • Tell Chris Brown how probation don’t mean shit.
    @chuck Bieber was just fine when he entered the USA all “the fuckery” as Jennifer loves to say happened once he was around Americans idiots.

  • Guys the State Prosecutor does not have a case. A computer Device said he wasn’t speeding. A computer Device said He wasn’t drunk and when is the last time you saw a normal person mug shot after they where arrested tweeted out be the Police department who arrested them and the same goes for the arrested report. You bitch you want him to be treated normal and normal person would of get that kind of treatment from a Police department. They could of easly send it by email to the News station instead of treated him like he was high profile which they did. That police department should be ashame of them shelf. Their the one to protect people rights not destory people.

  • All the the Miami Beach Police did is put them shelf in a negitive light. To bad they do not have the brains to said Sorry We were wrong and We will correct are behavor. I want to know if they have this deal done why are they waiting for the trail to do this deal I think they would want to move on to import thing. I have heard a rumor That the State just want to fine him for reckless driving and be done with it it would be 2,000 to 4,000 dollar ranges if the fine him and can also see them making him do about 12 hours of community service but if he did that they would need a guard to watch to make sure the paparazzi try’s to get him to react. wouldn’t happen.But the police wants him on probation so they are fighting with each other. I think the state is going to win that one will fast. I’ve also heard a rumor she having second thoughts of charging then him. Did didn’t do that great of a investagation to me they need someone else to do it instead of cops like CSI or in Iowa DCI which is incharge of all law enforcement That are interaffairs and they also solve normal people crime. Maybe Miami beach needs something like that where it can double check the officer work.

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