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Justin Bieber’s mom is in trouble now

Justin Bieber arrives with his mother at the 40th American Music Awards in Los Angeles

Apparently Justin Bieber‘s been paying rent on a California mansion for his mother, Pattie Mallette, for the past two years. It’s a pretty nice place – 2,900 square feet, in fact – but now there’s a bit of trouble brewing over some illegal construction she wants to do.

From TMZ:

Seems Pattie wanted to do some home improvement in her home gym but never got the permission of her landlord.  She had a mirror installed last summer, but didn’t pay the bill.  So the company that did the work has filed a lien against the property … and her landlord was none too pleased.

The lien was for a modest $3,414.  We’re told Pattie thought she was being overcharged and refused to pay.  Pattie settled up a week ago for around $2,600.  And TMZ informed the landlord Friday and he was PISSED!

As for who’s paying the $8,000 monthly rent … we’ve learned one of Justin’s companies is handling it.

“One of Justin’s companies” must be the code name for the team of lawyers he’s hired specifically to do settlements/plea deals for all the fuckery he gets involved in, I’m sure.

Seems like Biebers and California properties don’t really mesh well, eh?

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  • A $3000 mirror? What does it do, tell her who the fairest one of all is? Who in their right mind needs a $3000 mirror? Someone needs to teach this family that they can’t just do whatever they bloody well want.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised he actually has companies dedicated to managing his fortune and earnings. Like, one for tickets, one for DVD and film revenue, one for music sales, etc. It’s a good way of ensuring maximum profitability and if one of them goes bust, the other ones are still unscathed.

    • Why do people reply to comments with something like this, that has NOTHING to do with the original statement? Does your statement address why someone would buy such an expensive mirror, or why someone with so much available cash would do so, and then not pay for it?