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Justin Bieber was just “defending himself” in his deposition, of course

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is an absolute dickhead, that much is certain, and the videos from his recent assault deposition really proved that once and for all. He’s arrogant, disrespectful and could have used a few more years of school since he comes off as sorta braindead (but maybe that’s just the Sizzurp? Thug Lyfe!).

In any case, of course it’s not HIS fault he was a complete asshole. No, Justin Bieber is the victim here, and you won’t ever convince him otherwise. You won’t break his spirit by telling him to get his fucking act together and act like a decent human being. No sir!

Have you ever wanted to punch a human being more? Ugh, GO AWAY, Justin Bieber.

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  • As much as I hate Justin Bieber, and as much as he was acting like an entitled douche – the guy interviewing was harassing him. What the eff does Selena Gomez have to do with this deposition? At least, what does him dating her have to do with anything? That idiot was just looking for info to sell to the first tabloid that came knocking. He tries to cover it up with “Have you ever talked to Selena Gomez about paparazzi?” Yeah okay guy…

      • Standard or not, I think most people would get defensive when asked questions that have nothing to do with the case. He was just an idiot about it.

      • Yes, but isn’t there a difference between “defensive” and downright disrespectful/an asshole? Also, even if the lawyer was in the wrong (for the record, I don’t believe he was), why did his response have to be what it was? Shouldn’t he be a bit more mature?

  • Gheesh. Whoever writes this blog is just as much of an idiot as Justin Beiber is. QUITE WRITING ABOUT HIM and it will help to make him go away. I think the writers of this blog are secretly obsessed with Justin and Miley – but complain about them – but can’t stop writing stooooopid articles about them. This blog for a Second Time = SUCKS.

  • He is still young and needs to learn from his mistakes. But just as things caught up to Brittany, Lindsay, and others…If he does not mature soon he will get what he deserves.

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