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Definitive proof that Justin Bieber is a total dickhead

justin bieber

I mean, I know we’ve had plenty of proof before, but stories about Justin Bieber‘s fuckery and his asshole status were only in print previously. Well, now we’ve got it in video form, and if this doesn’t make you want to bitch slap this kid with all your force, I don’t know what will.

Justin was forced to attend a deposition after his bodyguard apparently beat up a photographer (though don’t forget, Justin himself was accused of assaulting his former bodyguard and settled that case for an undisclosed sum of money), and while being questioned by the attorneys, he really turned on the charm full force and showed so much respect and maturity. Here are some choice quotes:

  • “I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say.”
  • “I don’t know, have I been to Australia? *laughs* Have I been to Australia? I dunno.”
  • (About Selena Gomez) “Don’t ask me about her again.”

I mean, that sounds tame, but just watch the video and then try to figure out, as I am, how someone hasn’t beat the everloving shit out of this little asshole already. Violence solves nothing and I’m certainly not a violent person, but this looks like a kid who could benefit from a good ass whooping (or 10).

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  • Even an ass kicking won’t save this kid from himself at this point; even though it is well deserved. Best thing to do is just sit back and watch him self-destruct. He doesn’t have the talent to back up, or sustain, this level of stupidity and arrogance. I just wish he would be deported and we could be done with him. I love Canada and wouldn’t wish this little baby boy on anyone. But go home. Just go home. We have enough of our own assholes to contend with.

    • I’m willing to bet Justing will go through that money fairly quickly – as he ages out of the teenage idol demographic his flow of funds will dwindle. And based on how he pisses away money, what he has won’t last long. I’m betting his mom and dad are sponging off him, as well as his entourage.

      He needs to talk to Mike Tyson to see what happens when you’re stupid and have a lot of money.

    • I’m glad to see others see it the same way…this dickhead needs his ass beat…only fucked people could make a hero out of a creep like this with no talent…it’s his fkn mum who reared the fucker minus the proper thought, so they end up getting their fkn way without qualifying for it. Later his karma will lvl him n his world will crush him…he got away on chance. He didn’t earn it…idiots felt sorry for this prat trying to be it…that’s how he got what other worthy people strove for.