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Justin Bieber Settled that Lawsuit with His Former Bodyguard

justin bieber bodyguard

One of Justin Bieber‘s first legal woes was when former bodyguard Moshe Benabou, who worked with Bieber between 2011-2012, filed a lawsuit against him for assault and unpaid wages. He claims that Justin punched him repeatedly in the chest after a concert because Bieber didn’t like how Benabou handled one of his friends. He also claimed that Justin owed him nearly $420,000 in unpaid wages for overtime hours and unspecified damage.

Well, apparently Justin has wised up and realised, “Hmm, I already have three cases happening in two countries… I should probably start paying up for my bullshit” and indeed he has, as TMZ reports. No word on what in all he handed over to Benabou, but I’m imagining it’s damn near close to what he demanded considering this reads Justin all over.

This is going to be another case of his endless money clearing his name of any number of crimes he’s going to commit over the next decade or so before he inevitably kills someone else or himself. Isn’t that just special?

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