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Justin Bieber Grilled At Customs For 5 Hours


Justin Bieber was detained by US customs yesterday afternoon and was subsequently grilled for 5 hours. This Bieber shit keeps getting more and more delightful (for us). Who wants to bet he broke about 30 minutes in and they kept going because it was just so delicious?

The story from TMZ:

UPDATE: We’re told Bieber has just been released by Custom’s officials … after 5-hours of heavy grilling.

Justin Bieber was flagged by U.S. Customs officials when he landed in New Jersey this afternoon because he has 2 pending criminal cases … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Bieber is still being grilled by Customs people … after they searched his plane because they allegedly smelled weed. The search turned up nothing.

We’re told — as a result of the Patriot Act — Customs officials have broad power to flag people coming in from another country when they have an active criminal case or a conviction. Justin currently has an assault case in Canada and a DUI case in Miami Beach.

HOW STUPID IS THIS KID GOING TO GET? Beebs, with all the problems you’ve got, you’re going to get on a plane that smells even faintly of weed???

Lock him up for being an idiot on top of everything else. Good lord. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS KID.

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  • Even thru my vitriol, i cannot IMAGINE he would be dumb enough to bring weed back…it’s too easy for him to get here. and so help me God, if he is in the States for the Super Bowl, and shows his pie-hole at those parties they are having in New York tonight (ie: the Maxim party, Playboy party etc…) i will NEVER watch the NFL again. He isn’t 21, and MUST be stopped at the door…period!

  • I really, really, wish ICE would step up to the plate and just deport him back to Canada. I’m so fed up with this twit, I don’t even care if he goes to jail. That’s what should happen but we all know it won’t. I say make him pay for the damage to his neighbor’s house, put him on a plane, revoke his visa and just be done with it. If you think about it, that might actually be the best punishment. Take away the one thing he wants most….constant attention and hanging out with his so called gangsta friends and going to clubs, etc. And he wants to do this the most right here in the good ole USA cause he knows he’ll get constant attention. I would be willing to bet that if we deported his ass, he would fade into obscurity so fast it could be marked in days or weeks. And wouldn’t that be awesome for everyone.

  • They “allegedly” smelled weed? They knew they could do what they wanted and they did and they used the “smell of weed” to do it. All you ppl not wanting to hear about this a-hole kid and those of you that constantly write about him and complain about it JUST STOP. Deb you say take away the attention he so wants yet here you are wanting to see what happened with him? CUT HIM OFF no news is good news for all of us.