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Is cheating Katharine McPhee back with her husband?

Katharine McPhee And Nick Cokas Back Together? First Photos Of Them Since Extramarital Affair.

In case you forgot (because let’s be honest, who really cares about Katharine McPhee anymore), last October, the Smash star and her married Smash director Michael Morris were caught kissing in public and Katharine got all embarrassed because the photos got released and her husband, Nick Cokas, peaced out on her.

Well, it looks like Nick has a bit of a forgiving spirit, as he and Katharine were spotted walking their dog together in LA and have apparently been working on patching shit up.

From TMZ:

Katharine and Nick are currently living apart — but we’re told they’ve been hanging out together more and more often recently … Katharine even bought Nick a brand new Rolex as a make-good for the public humiliation.

Must have worked too — we’re told Nick’s leaning toward taking her back.

If this idiot can be bought off with a Rolex, well… I don’t even know what to say. I guess “love” makes you do crazy things?

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  • I guess I look at it differently. I’ve heard that Katherine is a snooty, b-tchy so and so….but I think that she learned her lesson. When Morrison got caught with her by the paps, he was QUICK to say that Katherine meant nothing to him. I think that he probably fed her a line of bs,–and who knows, that could’ve caused him to separate from her husband–about how much he cared about her, loved her, how his wife didn’t understand him, maybe her and her husband were having issues…..

    I bet she learned her lesson now, about what happens when you screw around (especially as a female) in Hollywood.