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Katharine McPhee Is “SO Embarrassed” About Those Photos


Katharine McPhee was photographed kissing Smash director Michael Morris which wouldn’t be newsworthy at all if both McPhee and Morris weren’t married to other people. As I suspected, sources say McPhee’s marriage has been over for about 6 months. As for Moriss…well, his wife was not pleased by these photos. And Ms. McPhee is apparently “so embarrassed.” More from Us Weekly:

… while Morris’ actress wife of ten years Mary McCormack allegedly kicked him out of their home after finding out the news, McPhee’s situation is a little different. As rumored, the actress and American Idol runner-up, 29, has been separated from producer husband Nick Cokas for at least six months, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

… “She is SO embarrassed she was caught,” a second source says of the undeniable photos. “She should have known better!”

Oh, Katharine! God this is so juicy. It’s classic old school Hollywood gossip. Too bad it’s not with celebs anyone cares about.

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  • Glad you’re speaking for yourself because I care about Mary McCormack. Glad three kids having their family broken up is so juicy but their parents aren’t big enough for you to care about. Now you can go back to caring about whether celebs Kimme and Kayne will make it this time.

    • You a friend of Mary? Or stalker? Does it look like kimmie fan blog? You sound dumb. None of these people are relevant or likeable. Mary is a friend of chelsea handler.

      • Not a friend or stalker just a fan of her work. Don’t know about dumb but what does Mary being a friend of Chelsea Handler have to do with anything. Does this look like a kimmie fan blog? Just brought up the two of the most unlikeable and irrelevant people who are mentioned all the time for every fart they make in life. Didn’t know it was dumb to care about other people.