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Chris Brown Is Staying in Rehab, But Unfortunately Not Forever

chris brown

In case you forgot, Chris Brown avoided jailtime in favour of being sent back to rehab instead, so he could deal with his many issues. It was a 90-day “sentence”, of sorts, which is over now, but because Chris is such a stand-up guy who’s really sweet and not at all violent or messed up in any way, he’s decided to stay there for a while longer.

From E! News:

A source tells E! News exclusively that even though the R&B superstar has completed his court-ordered 90 days in rehab, a judge ordered him to stay at the facility for further treatment.

Brown’s rep declined to comment.

It’s a shame he doesn’t stay there forever. I think we’d all be glad to throw away the key.

However, apparently the world is coming around to Chris Brown, because he’s been given an AWARD by LA community group 2nd Call for his work with them and on his own organizations. The award? The “Second Chance at Loving Life” award. LOL! Okay.

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