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Here’s Harry Styles’ Bare Ass, Peeing in the Bushes

harry styles ass

If you’ve ever wanted to see the junk in Harry Styles‘ trunk, here’s your chance. Apparently a few years back, Harry went out on the piss, as the English say, and needed to relieve himself. Instead of using a proper toilet or going somewhere discrete, Harry just shoved his pants ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE ANKLE (why? Is this seriously something men do?) and went for it.

Twitter user @JagChaggarTutis posted the photo and even tagged Harry in it, asking if the One Direction member (lol) had any recollection of the night in question, and while Harry didn’t respond directly, he did soon after tweet the following:

Of course, that then got Sir Mix-a-Lot involved and he was incredulous that the photo is even Harry (and it doesn’t look anything like him, to be fair) and then Mix promised a fan that he was trying to “limit the spreading”, which… let’s all just take it down a few notches.

In any case, now you’ve seen Harry Styles’ ass. I bet your life feels more complete now.

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  • I just googled him, that kid is 19. A few years back? Just *how* old is he in this picture? It makes me a little uncomfortable.

    • It makes you a little uncomfortable? It is just a picture of a butt, for Christ’s sake.. It’s not attractive nor is it weird.. It’s just.. there. A picture of a teenager taking a piss with his ass exposed.. Not a big deal, now move along.

  • Pants need to stay up whilst whizzing. I usually wear shorts year round…. I just ” free the willy” out of the leg hole & let fly.

  • No, not mine, but it will certainly make my niece’s life complete, as this one is her favorite One Directioner LOL