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TMI Thursday: Pete Wentz Got His Dick Pierced

pete wentz

Sure, the headline is a little crude, but that’s the story. Pete Wentz revealed this week that when he was “young and dumb”, he let a professional stick a needle through his penis and leave a barbell there. He’s since got rid of the piercing and I’m not sure why this is an interview topic, but here we are.

From Watch What Happens Live:

“I’ve had basically everything pierced in my entire life.”

“I was young and dumb and full of ‘wisdom’ [when I had my penis pierced]. It’s not pierced anymore.”

Well, there you have it. Hope you have sweet dreams tonight, thinking of a young Pete Wentz’s pierced junk. He also talked about his love of tattoos but insisted that there were certain parts of his body he’d never ink up:

“Ones on your hands and your neck are usually called ‘job-stoppers’, so I’m still hoping that I could end up being an accountant or something if it all goes wrong.”

Oh, it’s gone wrong, Pete Wentz. Very, very wrong.

I guess he doesn’t have much to talk about since Ashlee Simpson is no longer partying it up and having lesbian flings for him to disapprove of.

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  • “I’ve had basically everything pierced in my entire life.”

    Yea, ok. I highly doubt that. I don’t think he’s had his– Dimples/Cheek, Monroe (which I have and it was painful and SHIT), Septum, Lebrets and Lowbrets, Nostril, Lip Rings, Snake Bites, Medusa/Philtrum, Eyebrow, Helix and Helix Orbital, Conch and Conch Orbital, Daith, Rook,
    Tragus and Anti-Tragus, Industrial/Scaffold, Snug/Anti-Helix, Tongue, Frowny, Tongue Web/Frenulum, Navel/Belly Button, Nipple Piercings,
    Nape, Sternum/Cleavage, Vampire Bite, Madison, Dermal Anchors/Micro-dermal Implants, Corset Piercings, Ampallang, Apradravya, Dydoe,
    Foreskin Piercing, Frenum Piercing, Guiche Piercing, Hafada/Scrotum Piercing etc…

    This was just his way of trying to show off and brag saying he had a Prince Albert or a Frenum or whatever the hell he had done. What a wild thing to say when everyone knows you can get almost anything pierced these days, and he hasn’t even CLOSE to his statement and he knows it. No one has other than those crazy ass “snake guy” or “cat lady” type characters…

    • I see zero scars on his face and no matter how perfectly you’ve had something pierced, you will still have a small dot scar where it was done. I have them on my nose, lips, eyebrow and two on my navel so I know what they look like over the years due to fading. He’s a liar trying to show off.