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Anne Hathaway Went Away Because You Wanted Her To

anne hathaway

The last we heard of Anne Hathaway, she was being rescued from rip tides while away on vacation (which apparently didn’t really happen, despite the pics kinda proving it did?). There’s been a long absence of Hathaway from our lives following her Oscar win last year, and while many have questioned where she’s been, there’s actually a simple answer: she went away because you all hate her, ya big meanies!

From an interview with The Huffington Post:

You were very much part of our lives in 2012, but we didn’t see you much in 2013. I think people miss you.

Hathaway: My impression is that people needed a break from me [laughs].

Oh dear, the laugh!

Listen, Anne Hathaway is annoying and everyone knows it. She was obnoxious when she won her Oscar (though she pretty much deserved it) and she was obnoxious for the entirety of 2012, but she’s a pretty solid actress, you have to admit. Well, sometimes.

I dunno, I feel kinda bad for her in a sense, because it has to suck knowing that so many people don’t like you. Then again, she could just, yknow, change her behaviour if she wants to change people’s opinions. Also, she’s a millionaire and I’m sure she has more important things to worry about than the opinion of a bunch of strangers. Nice try, Anne! At least she’s still rocking that pixie cut… I really like it!

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  • Well that kinda makes me like her. Now if certain other annoying celebs would follow her example. Cough “Beiber” cough. Really her acting is fine. She just needs to avoid personal appearances.