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Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Speech Was Supposed to Make You Like Her

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I don’t use this expression lightly (or ever), but “epic fail” to Anne Hathaway if the story that her rehearsed Oscar speech was written so in order to make her haters like her a bit more is true.

From US Weekly:

Practice makes perfect! After facing some backlash over her emotional Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA acceptance speeches, Anne Hathaway worked very hard on preparing her thank-you for the Oscars.

After winning the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award on Sunday, Feb. 24, the Les Miserables actress admitted that her feelings were hurt by criticism. “It does get to me,” Hathaway, 30, said. “But you have to remember in life that there’s a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive.”

Though the actress tries to brush off the negative comments, a source tells Us Weekly that Hathaway did practice her Oscar speech a lot to try and be more likable. “She was very aware that she had been the butt of everyone’s jokes,” the source says.

Listen, I don’t like try-hards of any gender, but I’m definitely aware that Anne gets more of a hard time for wanting it so badly when – if she were a man – it would just be expected that he is ambitious, driven, what have you. Is Anne Hathaway annoying? I don’t know, is the Pope Catholic (and a potential criminal? Zing!)? Obviously. But I think part of the problem with her is in the execution, not so much the motivation behind it. We all want to win – of course we do! – and to be the best at what we do. It’s just that she’s spent the past few months trying so hard that it actually became sort of laughable. The Academy probably would have felt bad if they DIDN’T give her the damn statue.

There’s also the false humility element. Like, you were in Les Miserables for 15 minutes tops. Did you do a good job with it? Sure. Would it have been criminal if the Oscar went to say, Sally Field or Amy Adams? Definitely not. Homegirl needs to chill now and take a bit of a break since she’s got her heart’s greatest desire. I think we all need an Anne Hathaway detox.

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  • Well, if she had made her in-your-face campaign a little less, well, in-your-face she probably wouldn’t have gotten as much crap as she’s getting. It devalues the meaning of the Oscar when it is awarded to the very talented girl in a field of 5 very talented girls just because she’s the one who is jumping up and down and screaming, “GIVE IT TO ME, DAMNIT!” And said screamer needs to say, “Thank you, Academy.”, then sit down and stfu.

  • I’m totally with you on the false humility…even though people like Beyonce who are fierce and know it bug me, at least she has the decency to own it. Anne thinks she’s frickin’ amazing, but then acts like she isn’t. I hate fake people more than anything, and she just screams fake.

  • “But you have to remember in life that there’s a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive.”

    So, logically, everything is average? Everything good comes with something bad? Everything bad comes with something good?

    I generally dislike her and that quote doesn’t help. It reminds me of typical actor(tress) dribble.

    • Yes, I agree. Once again, very superficial though to her credit what could she say? She’s trying to walk a path that isn’t normal for the average person and if you have too much ego in the game it tends to come back and bite you. I think if she stays on the ‘metaphysical’ path she’ll do better in the long run as longs as it’s heartfelt, otherwise, it will just be another ‘rehearsed’ sentiment by Anne Hathaway.

  • First, I’m a huge fan of your website. Had to say it. You guys are super fun to read.

    Now, someone give horrid Anne a carrot! She looks like a cross between a giant rabbit and a horse. Ugh!!

  • A few years back I read an article and interview with Anne Hathaway on working with Meryl Streep. I came away disliking her immensely as what came off the pages was sheer pretentiousness throughout. It didn’t seem like a young woman actress who was truly humbled and excited by the trajectory of her career, but rather, a young woman who practices putting on airs and then realizing she’s not that good at them, quickly tries to inject a layer of ‘but I’m just a normal person’. I like her as an actress and think she’s a natural beauty too…but I think many people have picked up that she is a very phony person who just tries too damn hard. People like this tend to have a certain narcissistic pathology about them – I tend to think AH fits into that category. Now the tables turn. She got her little statue and the press and the people who don’t like her are out for blood. I mean come on…her dress was very pretty yet they are knocking it like it was just a bad choice. Her speech, typical for her…but not worth this overkill of interest. So, I feel a bit sorry for her in that regard. The press starts the little cycle and then the haters come out and it gets a little frightening.

  • ANNE is the consumit proformer she is always ready to do her best in front of the pubic, and we get the best..She has in the passed had to carry a plot to a less then definitive story line!
    The academy failed to recognize her as the best actress in a leading role.(Rachel getting married) a few years back;it is about time someone in the industry has come to their senses.ANNE is the most talented and bautful actress in Hollywood.And We the public will be graced with her beauty and talent, for meny years to come. We deserve the high quality AJ brings to the screen.
    ANNE was crisides for not being on screen very long (15 minutes) in fifteen minutes Anne was more powerful then the rest of the cast….