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Lily Allen’s Label Won’t Let Her Use Her Married Name

lily allen

Lily Allen is known to the world as Lily Allen, and unfortunately her married name – Lily Rose Cooper – doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. It’s for that reason that her label refused to let her use it for her big comeback and made her stick with Lily Allen. She wasn’t too happy with the decision, but she also knows she needs money if she wants to keep this whole thing going, so here we are.

From NME:

“Sadly, in this day and age, I still need their support. They’re the bank manager and if they don’t get their money out, then I’m not going to get anywhere.

“I understand that my name is quite big, but it’s about picking your battles…”

Well, yeah. Besides, plenty of singers use their original names still after they get married. Consider it a stage name, if you must, but it’s not like fans knowing you as Lily Allen changes the fact that you’re married. Then again, I get being proud of that relationship and wanting to share it with the world. It’s a tough one, but like she said, you gotta pick your battles.

What do you think? Would Lily Rose Cooper be as successful as Lily Allen? Would people really care?

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