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Listen: Lily Allen’s New Single, ‘Air Balloon’

lily allen air balloon

Lily Allen has already teased us with a new album by releasing ‘Hard Out Here’, which was a great track, but also a bit farcical so not really a marker of what we might expect from a new full-length LP. Well, now we have a bit more of a hint with her latest single, ‘Air Balloon’, which she released the audio of earlier this morning.

It’s a really, really good track. Very MIA ‘Paper Planes’ but with some incredibly smooth production – all the rough edges have been taken out of this and it’s just really, really nice to listen to. The result is a super catchy pop tune with a great chorus that’s making me – and I’m sure a lot of other people – really excited to hear a full album.

What do you think of ‘Air Balloon’?

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