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1Gaga’s Ex Is REALLY Mad


Lady Gaga‘s ex, Lüc Carl, is REALLY mad over a book about Lady Gaga that he feels portrays him as “a villain”. The book, Rivington Was Ours, was written by a friend of Gaga’s, Brendan Jay Sullivan, who met her in 2006, back when she and Carl were dating.

Carl is so mad he’s suing Sullivan and the publishers, according to Huffington Post. HuffPo also highlights some of the shade thrown at Carl, including:

  • accusations of being “inattentive” and “possessive”. 
  • getting Gaga to dye her hair blonde because according to her, “he likes f-cking a blonde.”
  • telling Gaga, “I hope you fail” as she was starting out.

Gaga’s recently said she’s “finally found love” with boyfriend Taylor Kinneywho she swears is “extremely strange.” Because for Gaga, strange is a huge plus.

Of their relationship, Carl has said (via HuffPo),

I was f-cking miserable, and it wasn’t her fault.


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December 31, 2013 at 4:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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